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Adzbrick Review – Advertising Credit Crypto Scheme

Welcome to my Adzbrick review. When you are new to online marketing you get a bit overwhelmed knowing what each program is and how they work. This confusion is compounded by the fact that the promoters are either exaggerating or outright telling you lies in a bid to convince you to sign up with their link. After a while it become pretty easy to work out what is legit and what is a scam or a scheme. Really it comes down to the product or service being promoted. Ignore the comp plan because that will distract you. Ask yourself what is really going on. Would anybody really use this product or service if they were not also a promoter. If you can imagine customers and not just affiliates using the service, then it is probably legit.

Adzbrick is a familiar scheme. It’s been done before and it will be done again in the future. Ad credit schemes run off the assumption that advertisers will pay for “clicks” even if the “clickers” are being forced to view ads in order to get rewards. Does that sound like something an advertiser would be interested in? Imagine I said to you this “Watch my 10 second ad and I will give you a cheeseburger”. Would you ever give a crap about the ad? No……you just want the cheese burger.

But People Are Advertising With Adzbrick….WHY?

Secret time – no real advertising is paying to advertise on the Adzcredit portal

The only people advertising on Adzcredit are other Adzcredit Affiliates

Hmm there is a name for something that has no real customers and just affiliates pushing the opportunity….Pyramid Scam!

Who Cares If it’s a Pyramid Scheme?

Look, I get where you are coming from. The problem that I have is the amount of BS and lies that get pushed with these types of programs. When I started out, I did not know that everyone was telling me lies. I lost time and money because of it. Pyramid Schemes are wrong because it’s impossible for everyone to win. Not difficult, but impossible. It’s FIXED. Legitimate marketing is difficult for people to win, but it’s not impossible. So pyramid schemes are completely bogus…amount of traffic I get, I could make MORE money promoting a scheme like this, I am not interested in telling lies to people. I also have kids…I don’t want my kids seeing on google that I am a sleazy POS, pushing pyramids and ponzis.

Anyway let’s get on with the review. You probably can tell whether I think Adzbrick is a legitimate way to make money online.   I do not promote, nor I am I affiliated with Adzbrick.

Adzbrick – Summary

Key Figures: Anon

Product Type: Advertising Credit Pyramid Scheme

Summary: To earn, exchange bitcoin for ADZB token

From there you buy advertising packs with the ADZB Token. People will click on your ads but it’s unlikely you will make any profits from advertising. The only people clicking are other Adzbrick members viewing your ads to earn ADZB tokens.

See The Comp Plan Here.

Pyramid schemes like Adzcredit tend to attract a lot of heat from the FTC and the SEC. The FTC polices pyramids schemes and the SEC polices unlicensed securities. Adzbrick has both of these problems. There is a another big problem. The ADZB token will be artificially inflated by the scheme. As it has no value outside of the Adzbrick scheme, it’s price will collapse eventually. This program will die in 3 ways…SEC, FTC and a collapse of the token price.

Obviously this should be avoided

Rating: D

Verdict: Don’t get burned.

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What Is Adzbrick?

Hashingadspace is an Advertising Credit scheme. The sell advertising “clicks” but thats not really whats going on here. The clicks are worthless because people are only viewing the ads to get paid ADZB tokens. The ADZB token has no utility other than propping up a pyramid scheme. Expect the price of this token to crash hard.

Genuine marketing programs take 6 months to a year. After that point you will be fine. If you want to learn how I did it, check my top way to make money online. Let’s take a look at how this Adzbrick scheme works.

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Earn ADZB by viewing the Ads

You view the ads to ‘mint” more tokens.

Minting Packages

Free members only view one ad per day. You can purchase extra minting packages from $100 worth of ADZB token. The more minting packages you buy, the more ADZB tokens you make each day. You can use your profits to buy more minting packs or cash out to BTC.

Staking Tokens

You can stake your token for 365 days. Doing so will allow you to mint more ADZB tokens each day. Staking costs 500 ADZB token for 365 extra minting days. You can purchase as many as you want.

Compensation Plan

Advertising Pack Commissions

50% of every pack purchased by your referral.


Minting Pack Commissions

Earn 10% of every minting pack purchased by your referral.


What I Like About Hashingadspace

People Want Easy Ways To Build Crypto

This scheme is not exactly original as it basically a complete copy of hashing ad space, however it will be popular. Even though it’s illegal it should be more stable than a ponzi. The thing that will cause it to collapse is regulatory enforcement. The ADZB token will also collapse when it hits the open market.

Very Easy For The Masses

I could train my kids to watch an ad for 10 seconds. So this will appeal to people who are confused by most things.

What I dislike about Adzbrick

It Is A Complete Copy Of Hashing Ad Space

The hashing ad guy cam up with a new twist on an old scheme. Whenever someone has a new idea that attracts mone, you get copy cats. Adzbrick is virtually identically to hashing ad space except they are paying more on direct referrals.

Unlicensed Security

Program hoppers will not care, but those of you that are in the long game should know. This program has no chance of lasting 2 years. It will probably imploded after the ADZB token hits the open market. Either way, Adzbrick is here for a good time and not a long time.


ADZB Token Has No Use/Value Outside Of Adzbrick

Adzbrick will start off as a closed system. They will try to build up demand for ADZB token within the system. It sounds good in theory. I mean people will buy more ADZB so they can mint more ADZB. The only problem is that outside of Adzbrick nobody else gives a flying fart about the ADZB token. So when it hits the open market there will be a massive sell off with nobody buying it……token dies and so does the Adzbrick scheme.

Do You Really Think Click Ads Work in 2019?

These schemes are successful at making you forget all about the so called product. There is no value to clickable image ads. They do not convert. There will be no external demand for the Adzclick advertising service. It will just be members advertising to other members. This scheme is doomed.

The Real Deal With Adzclick

I feel like a bit of a meanie after kicking the crap out of Adzbrick……nah. This is for program hoppers and not legit marketers. If you want to stop the endless cycle of crappy programs you need to pick something legit and STICK WITH IT. If you need a mentor, join my program and reach out to me.


Shady Scheme! I give it a D rating


Julian Leahy

The Prelaunch Inspector

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I have developed a strategy using a legitimate affiliate program that allows me to hangout at home with the kids all day.

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