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Advance Destination Review – Jesus Gets Into Cash Gifting Schemes

Welcome to my Advance Destination review. Look I don’t go out of my way to offend people but I find this program to be extremely bizarre. Cash gifting schemes are illegal pyramid scams…but what about ones that are endorsed by Jesus! They must be ok right?!

So that is what we are talking about with Advance Destination, they have crucifixes and bible versus on their page. I find that pretty bizarre, because I cant imagine JC being down for pyramid schemes!

Advance Destination Crowdfunding uniquely applies this Biblical Foundational Scripture to its platform.


[/et_pb_text][et_pb_image src=”” _builder_version=”3.12.2″][/et_pb_image][et_pb_text _builder_version=”3.12.2″]The reason for all the bible verses and crucifixes is down the the founder being a Jehovah’s Witness “elder” or “overseer” by the name of Frank Stapleton Sr. Actually its pretty clever when you think about it, he already has a flock of sheep, ready to put money into this scheme. Bravo Frank!

Churches don’t tend to have much credibility for me at the best of times, however I have never seen one get behind an illegal pyramid scheme before. It’s definitely a first.

The problem with pyramid schemes is that they are illegal. The other problem is that the vast majority of investors lose their money. It is mathematically impossible for any other outcome to occur.

I don’t see this one getting much traction.

Advance Destination – Summary

Product Name: pyramid schemes do NOT have products!

Key Figures: “elder” Frank Stapleton Sr.

Product Type: Cash Gifting

Price: $110 to get started

Summary:  This is a pyramid cash gifting scheme. Early investors will cycle but that’s about it unfortunately.

It takes 14 people to cycle each phase. 2 on your first level, 4 on your 2nd level and 8 on your last level. With each cycle you will receive 5 re-entries in levels 2,3 and 4. First phase will earn you $990. The second phase will earn you $81,285. The third phase will earn you $75,150 and the final phase will earn you $1.164,600 for a total of $1.322,025 million over and over again. Early investors will make a little bit but the majority of investors will make nothing.

Rating: D

Verdict: If you are in early enough you can make some money but I prefer to use legal programs.
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What Is Advance Destination?

Advance Destination is a forced matrix cash gifting scheme. Cash gifting schemes are not ponzis but they are in fact, illegal pyramid schemes. The reason that they are illegal is that they are a zero sum game, where most people lose their money.

I find it really strange that a Jehovah’s Witness guy would be involved in a pyramid scam. Then again some people would say that all churches are scams by nature.

If you are sick of scams, you my like to check out a stable, long term and legit program that I promote.

So if you contemplating joining Advance Destination, the first step is to sign up. That will cost $110.

Advance Destination operate with a Forced matrix.  As it cycles you can use your commissions to enter at the next level.You have to join at a certain level, so that you are qualified to earn commissions on that level. If the program cycles and you are not qualified for that level, the commission will pass-up to the next qualified person above you.


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Advance Destination Compensation Plan

It takes 14 people to cycle each phase. 2 on your first level, 4 on your 2nd level and 8 on your last level. With each cycle you will receive 5 re-entries in levels 2,3 and 4. First phase will earn you $990. The second phase will earn you $81,285. The third phase will earn you $75,150 and the final phase will earn you $1.164,600 for a total of $1.322,025 million over and over again.
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What I Like About Advanced Destination

Quick and Simple. (for the early promoters)

These matrixes are easy to cycle with not much referring. If you sign up a couple of people, you will cycle and get paid quickly.If you actually can recruit people, then you can definately make some decent money in a short time.

Idiot Proof .

You just put your money in and sling your link out to a few people to get sign ups. This is easy to promote and there is nothing complex to learn. This is why cash gifting schemes are popular.
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What I dislike about Advance Destination

It Is An Illegal Pyramid Scheme

These either collapse when people stop investing or they get shutdown by the authorities. Only popular ones tend to get shutdown. I don’t see this program getting popular though.

Failure Is Guaranteed According To Mathematics

The vast majority of investors will lose their money and make nothing back. This goes for all pyramid schemes and this is why they are illegal.
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The Real Deal With Advance Destination

I could add a link to my blog and make a lot with this program however I would never get involved in a scheme like this, because it’s illegal. Once you learn marketing the right way, you will make plenty money without being unethical.


If you like schemes and get in early then go for it. Not for me though and I am giving this a D grade.


Julian Leahy

How I Make A Living

I have developed a strategy using a legitimate affiliate program that allows me to hangout at home with the kids all day.

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  1. Advance Destination Assiocation

    Hello Julian Leahy and all indivuals to whom have read this blog on advance Destination Assoication. First I would like to apologize for any Misreprestation of anything that was posted on facebook with my Logo posted without my knowledge of a Facebook page setup without my premission. Let me indroduce myself My name is Elder Frank Stapleton Sr.
    I have been involved in outreach Community services for over 42 years. One of my passions is Hospitality Reaching out Feeding the Hungry, Providing Housing for the Homeless. My Work has been Documented for over 42years of serving in the Community.

    Iam the Overeer and Founder and Visionary of Advance Destination Assoication. We are a 508 C1A Nonfit Religious Trust. The Purpose of the Trust is to help lift the burden of Society through Social and Economic means using our Automatic Multiplier Crowdfunding Donation plaform.

    Our Goal is to help members around the World in 3 areas.
    1. To help Eliminate both Personal and Business Debt.
    2. To help Fund Members Goals,Dreams, Projects.
    3. To Provide Mentorship for Business to become, Legal, Compliant, Credit Worthy.

    To become a Member of ADA, its free and a person can create a Campaign for any project, as long as it is Legal and ethical. As a free member in order to rasie Funds for your Campaign, you would have to Generate triffic to your Campaign yourself Similar to Gofundme.

    However if a person Donates $115.00 to join our Automatic Multiplier Crowfunding Platform. We has a Community will come together and help each member reach their Goal, Dreams, Projects through our Proprietary Donation System. and watch our 6 minute video that explains how it works.

    It’s important to note the followings:

    1. We dont use words such like Sponsoring or recruitment. We simply invite members to join our Assicoation.

    2.Their are NO requirements a person have to do in order to receive donations after they have donate $115.00 to become a paid donor.
    In other words a member can go through all 4 Phases without ever inviting anyone.

    3.We Don’t use terms such as Earn Money,Make Money or Commisions. Every Transaction is Donation’s In and Donation’s Out.

    4. We Don’t Words such as {Downline} We refer to Use Community Tree to track those you have invited.

    5.We are NOT an MLM or Multi Level Marketing Company.We are a Donation Base Crowdfunding Assiocation.
    We are private Not Public as a 508C1A Please reseach for your own understanding.

    6. Please remove all Comments and Pictures images that is not authorized
    by ADA. it’s Defamation of Character. You Dont know enough adout ADA to post Derogatory remarks. If you would like more information and Understanding of what we do you can call or emal me at anytime.
    Please also note: that we are still in the devolpment of Completing our website and design before opening our doors.

    email address [email protected]

    phone# 8014059901

  2. Bill Matthews

    Seems strange Mr Leahy would be putting down ADA and promoting his own program. ADA has products, so it is not a pyramid. What is Leahy trying to prove?

  3. Paula Jones James

    Advance Destination Association is a gift from above.Its a voice for the voiceless.It gives hope to the hopeless.May God continue to bless the CEO and Founder Elder Frank Stapleton SR.He is called and handpicked by the Lord to lead his people out of the financial Egypt that we are in.I cover the servant of God with the Blood of Jesus therefore No weapon that is formed against this platform will ever prosper.Come register and be blessed in Jesus name

  4. George Terra

    Whoever came up with this scheme should be ashamed but they learned from the best is one of the most hypocritical scammer non profit organizations I know of shame on you all taking advantage of the poor aheep

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