1. Barbara Bailey

    Hello, I came across your blog and found it very informative. You recommended 2 programs, Lead Lightening and Power Lead System. Are you still working both of these programs and do you recommend one over the other?

    • Julian Leahy

      Hi Barbara, Power Lead System is the full system that allows me to everything that I do to make money online. Lead Lightning is kind of like the entry point into Power Lead System.

      Lead Lightning – If you start with Lead Lightning you can make $6 commissions.

      Power Lead system allows $1000, $400, $100 commissions plus $20/month residual http://viralcash.followjulian.com/

      My recommendation is Power Lead System as it tripled my income quite quickly, but if you are tight for funds you can start at Lead Lightning and upgrade later.

  2. David Lopez

    Hello Julian I came across your Youtube video on Build A Lead Funnel for Ambit Energy.
    I’m really struggling with Getting consultants and customers. I really could use some help.

    Thank you
    David Lopez

  3. Not a happy Camper with My GH CBD

    How can I contact you directly?

  4. Timothy Huynh


    I am an employee at Bioreigns. I wanted to reach out and thank you for taking the time to review our company! However, there were some issues regarding some of the information in the video. I was hoping that you would kindly fix the information, or simply remove the video. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.

    • Julian Leahy

      Hello Tim, can you send me some info about the extraction process. I am aware you guys are doing something different. If you can send me some info or links I can update the review.

  5. Sivuyile

    Hallow Julian is Crowd1.com and FXtrading scams

  6. Julian Leahy

    you got it!

  7. Ashkan Kalashy

    Hi Julian,

    I came across your blog while doing research on inclusiveforex. I’m a journalist and I’ve been contacted by a few people who invested in this company and now have most certainly lost their money. If you recall this company have used actors in promoting their brand, I saw on your youtube channel that you had found a video of one of the actors showreel. Is it possible to point me to the source of the video? Thank you for your time and help in advance

  8. Rasheed Ali

    Hi I am Rasheed I live in matiari hayderabad

    • Julian Leahy



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