Welcome to my ABC Systems Review. ABC Systems is a ponzi scheme run by a couple of senior citizens who really should know better. Behind the wheel of this smelly scheme are none other than Todd Disner and Felix Piccolo. Disner and Piccolo are old school men in their late 70’s looking to go out in spectacular fashion. Once you get to a certain age you no longer get worried about legal consequences, I mean how long do we have to live really. Disner was already wealthy before he got into ponzi scams. He made his legit money as founder of Quiznos the sub sandwich giant. From there he stumbled into online ponzis and made an absolute killing in a very short time, however it came some unexpected challenges that came with his new life in crime.  In the case of Disner, he nearly got away with $2 million dollars from promoting the infamous Zeek Rewards ponzi. When the law finally caught up, the CEO was thrown in jail and Disner was forced to pay a fine equal to the amount he took from Zeek Rewards affiliates. Ouch, that would have stung!

When you make millions in a scam only to be forced to give it back, you never really get over something like that. Disner probably figures, “If I did it once, I can do it again, and this time I will hide the cash”.

The other thing that fascinates me with Todd Disner is how much denial he displays about his scamming ways….he thinks Zeek Rewards was a huge success that was unfairly ruined by the “party pooping” authorities. Even more absurd is the amount of bible quotes on his affiliate page in a desperate bid to show that he is not in fact a scammer. I mean how many scammers have ever used the church as a vehicle to steal millions….right..right….oh wait, thats right! I forgot about those other guys!

Before I go any further, I just want to give a shout out to one of my readers Alex, who requested this review. Thanks Alex! As for the rest of you,  if you see a program that you want me to take a look, then contact me on this blog, just like Alex did!

Continuing on, you probably can tell that this is not going to be a positive review. I know that bothers some of you, but I really hate ponzi scams. Even though you can make quick cash with programs like ABC Systems, I just cannot resist the urge to kick the crap out of them. I believe that they ruin lives and people have even been murdered for promoting ponzis. So if you want a softball review, you might want to leave now. If you are interested one of the many legitimate ways to make money online then go here.  I do not promote, nor I am I affiliated with ABC Systems.

ABC Systems – Summary

Key Figures: Todd Disner and Felix Piccolo

Product Type: MLM Ponzi Scheme.

Summary: You invest in the scheme from $500. From their you will earn 200% ROI in 120 days. You can also refer people into the scam to earn comp plan commissions.

See The Comp Plan Here.

This will either ruin your life or make you rich. If you do get out with a profit it will be at the expense of all of the victims.

Rating: F

Verdict: This makes me sick.

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What Is ABC Systems?

ABC System don’t really have products. You basically put some money in and magically get a 200% return after 120 days.

You invest in “packages” sequentially ie you cannot buy the highest package without also having purchased the lower packages below.

ABC Systems Ponzi Packages

  • $500 and receive $1000 back after 120 days.
  • $1000 and receive $2000 back after 120 days.
  • $2500 and receive $5000 back after 120 days.
  •  $5000 and receive back after 120 days.
  • $10,000 and receive back after 120 days.
  •  $25,000 and receive back after 120 days.
  • $50,000 and receive back after 120 days.


Compensation Plan


Direct Commissions

Affiliates will receive 10% of the funds invested by directly sponsored affiliates.


Binary Commissions

Affiliates are paid 10% of the volume on the weakest leg. Each package will create a number of points equal to the package price.

Your daily earnings are capped, depending on which investment level you are at. The amounts are as follows:


  • $500 Level, Daily binary commissions capped at $500
  • $1000 Level, Daily binary commissions capped at $1500
  • $2500 Level, Daily binary commissions capped at $4000
  •  $5000 Level, Daily binary commissions capped at $9000
  • $10,000 Level, Daily binary commissions capped at $19000
  •  $25,000 Level, Daily binary commissions capped at $44000
  • $50,000 Level, Daily binary commissions capped at $94000 

What I Like About ABC Systems

Fast And Easy Cash

Just say you had a following on youtube or a blog that gets daily traffic. If you were to tell your followers to join you would quickly make a lot in commissions. Ponzis are extremely profitable and easy to promote. Suckers are everywhere and they all are looking for the “amazing new way to get rich quick”. 

They are also very noob friendly. If you are one of those people that says ” Hi I am not very tech savvy and want to make money online” then you are highly likely to join one of these scammy programs. I have people like this in my family….they never listen!

What I dislike about ABC Systems

Todd Disner Scammed $2 million and Then Tried To Avoid Paying It Back

Once people join the dark side, they never stop scamming. Todd Disner caused thousands of people to lose their life savings by luring them into the disastrous Zeek Rewards ponzi. After the CEO was sentenced to die in jail, the judge ordered Disner to repay all of the funds that he had stolen. He then engaged high priced lawyers in an attempt to set aside the judgement. Fortunately the motion to dismiss was denied and Disner was forced to pay back $2 million in restitution. What a Guy!

For details, head over to case text

Ponzi Scams Ruin Lives

You may think it’s all a joke…but the damage caused by these schemes is real. I know of people that have lost their homes and become homeless after investing in a scheme like this. A lady in Australia was murdered after it was discovered that she was the wife of a ponzi promoter. Nothing good can come from this.

The Real Deal With ABC Systems

Very rare for somebody to get thrown in jail so you will need to be on alert. A lot of people are going to suffer greatly from being involved in this.


Horrible scam!, I give it a F.


Julian Leahy

The Prelaunch Inspector

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