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A Wild Ride Called Life with Annette Marie Whittenberger

Annette Wittenberger

I just retired from the Army two years ago. I was in for a little over 17 years. It was kind of a a dark place for me the last few years that I was in because I was I didn’t expect to retire so soon and just you know army life it just had a toll on me and I have kids.

Being a mom and a soldier, I kind of kept to myself for a little bit because you know we were supposed to be tough in the army and not talk about being so sad and how hard it is because that you know things could be worse so I kept it to myself and then I decided after I got out that I was gonna start writing and I started out on WordPress but then I decided you know I know there’s other people out there that are going through the same thing but they just don’t know how to talk about it.

So that’s what I decided to create the logo and somehow A Wild Ride Called Life just came to me it was like that’s it that’s exactly what it is and so I started a Facebook page and then I decided to start a logo and I worked on that and basically the logo is is a VW bus it’s that’s my dream car traveling down the road and and you know seeing the live the end of the tunnel and that’s what that came from and then I decided to I haven’t people reach out to me and saying hey you know what is this about and oh my gosh I’m going through same thing and I was like wow.


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