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5 Signs Someone Has Shiny Objects Syndrome

Making money online is simple. I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s easy, but it is pretty straight forward.

It is so simple, in fact that I could give you my daily routine to copy. If you copied me, then you also would have success.

In fact I have some people are doing just that and it really fills my heart with joy. Other people have a strange reaction when I tell them what they need to do. They have what is known as Shiny Object Syndrome. Today I am going to talk about those people who “want success online” but who refuse to take action, instead they chase “shiny objects”.

1) They Blame The Last Program For Their Failure

People think that the reason that failed last time had something to do with the program that they had chosen. They come up with a raft of excuses as to why they did not experience success. The fact of the matter is that if they don’t take personal responsibility for their failure and learn from it, they will continue to repeat failure. It doesn’t matter which program you choose that much. What matters is what action you are taking.

2) They Look for Get Rich Quick Schemes

Get rich schemes are hugely popular. I could launch one and people would flock to it like hungry sheep. There are plenty of well known people making a lot of money setting up multiple ponzis and pyramids every year.

They promise “guaranteed returns” and “complete automation”. The same old people fall for it time and time again. Of course they fail every time but they never seem to wake up. Listen, there is no get rich scheme… period. You need to follow a solid routine and stick with it.

3) They Love “Excitement”

Just this week somebody bought me a founders spot in a new pre-launch opportunity. It cost them $100 so I thought I should probably at least check it out. Once I got into the Facebook group, I was struck by how “excited” everyone was. I thought to myself , maybe they are excited for good reason, so I should check out the details of this program. I was shocked to discover that nobody knew what the “products” were. Nobody cared, the excitement just continued to build. It was contagious.

Something is very wrong if you are getting excited before you know any details about the program. You should not get emotionally invested just because everyone else is doing so. Their excitement should not influence yours. You need to stay clear, cold and rational. A true marketer is not influenced by “herd mentality”. You want to be the wolf, not the sheep.

I also recognised a lot of the names in the group. They were the same people that I saw getting sucked in to a previous scam which was known as Usi-Tech. Back then the “cult-like” enthusiasm made me very suspicious. It turned out that I had good reason for my suspicion as USI was a ponzi scam. Unfortunately it seems to be the same people tend who keep making the same mistakes. If you see the “herd” going one direction, you would be wise to stay right where you are and just watch. That is what I do.

These people don’t ask questions, they just get excited if everyone else is getting excited. If you base decisions based off excitement, you are going to have a bad time. Even worse, you will probably keep repeating bad decisions.

4) They Are Followers Not Leaders

This sort of follows on from my last point, but I wanted to make it clear with an equation:


Strive to be a leader. Leaders have honesty and integrity. They are confident and they inspire people. I understand that you will need to develop this confidence but everybody has something to offer. A leader will still follow other people, but they also will lead and inspire others in their own right. Be a leader, it’s a requirement.

5) Their Personal Brand Doesn’t Exist.

If you tell me to join your program, I will ignore you. If you teach me something or inspire me, I will respect you forever. If I respect you and you recommend a program, I will probably join it. Personal branding is the foundation of attraction marketing.Β It gets you recognised as ​the expert in your ​field so that you can sell more, attract better clients, command premium prices and enjoy easy “no push” selling. I am known as “The Prelaunch Inspector” and people contact me all the time. It certainly beats the heck out of chasing prospects!. If you would like help building your own brand, you know how to contact me.

Julian Leahy


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