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4 Steps To A Full Time Income Online In Just 3 Months.


1) Determination

Everybody says that want to make money online, but most people quit at the first obstacle. You need to have a mindset where you absolutely under no circumstances will quit. You need to stay the course for 3 months.

Can you do 3 months of hard work? Because that’s what it is going to take.

There will be many obstacles along way. Each obstacle presents two options. Option 1 is quit. Option 2 is work out how to get around the obstacle so that you can continue onward toward the rewards that await you at the 3 month mark.

Examples of Obstacles

  • I don’t know how to get traffic for free.
  • I don’t know how to do marketing.
  • People are ignoring my offer when I post it on Facebook

Each time you are faced with an obstacle, YOU and only YOU must find your way around it.

2) A System That Converts

There are many programs or systems that convert. When I say convert, what I mean is that it is easy to make a high income with it. The system I use is perfect (in my opinion!), but that is for you to choose. What you want to see is results. If lots of people are posting results ( IE commission statements) then this means that youΒ also will be able to. Believe it or not when many people are posting results online they are probably genuine.

You want a system that works out of the box. That way it will be easy for you to quickly set up and get started. You also want something that is proven to be long lasting. You want a company that has been around for at least 2 years. Some programs get shut down, so pre-launches are kind of risky. The system I use has been around for over 8 years. That means that they know how to run a business. It also means they know how to negotiate obstacles and challenges that might appear.

Don’t jump around from program to program chasing green grass on the other side of the fence. Remember that you are committing to 3 months. If you get seduced by shiny new programs because you think they will be easier to succeed with, STOP. If you do that you are deluding yourself.

3) Go all in on your business.

Most online income opportunities have different levels. Some people start at the lowest and cheapest level and attempt to grind there way to the top level.

I will tell you why this is a bad idea.

You earn less commission at the lowest level, so you are making your odds of surviving lower. You want your odds of success to be higher, not lower.

When you go all in you force yourself to win. That’s right, you have money on the line so it fixes your mindset.Think of it like learning to swim. If you only dip one toe into the cold pool, you will never be successful in learning to swim. If you jump in, you realise it’s easy. Once you are in, you are already wet, so you are not going to quit.
It is scary and uncomfortable but that’s how we grow.

Once You Jump In, It’s Fine!


Being all in means I can make currently over $1500 per sign up. That’s with the system I use. If I was at the lowest level I would make $20. Imagine how many sales you would have to make to get to $1500. That would be over 700 sales. Or I can hit that amount with one sale.

4) Get traffic

Ok, here us what you do. Work out how to get free traffic first. Then you introduce paid traffic. This is really important. It may sound strange, but if you go straight to paid, you will most likely fail. When you are forced to learn how to get free traffic you learn how to do marketing. I mean really learn it. Once you are getting free traffic, it means you are an excellent marketer.

Just spy on me. Copy what I am doing, it’s actually easy if you copy someone!

Once You Master Free Traffic, Your Paid Traffic Converts Better

Ok so how do I get free traffic?

  1. Facebook Live Regularly ( there is a trick to getting content easily, which you will need to ask me!)
  2. Put The Facebook Live video On Youtube
  3. Now put The Youtube video on a blog
  4. Repeat
  5. Keep going for 3 Months.

I automate most of this. Otherwise its too much work. At first I found it hard to get content for Facebook lives. Now it comes to me. It’s kind of a secret so you will need to message me to find out how I automate it all.

Are You Determined To Succeed?

If the answer is yes Contact me

PS only serious need apply. I wish I could help everyone, however, I do need to prioritise my time!

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