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3XCapital Review – Anon Russian Passive Crypto Ponzi

Welcome to my 3XCapital review.

Usually crypto ponzi schemes go to great lengths to pretend that that are a legitimate trading company with a real office and CEO. One favorite tactic is to hire a fake CEO and shoot some videos and stick his face all over the website. This seems to convince some people that it is safe to invest because they have a “real” CEO. What happens if somebody does not even bother with all of that. Will people invest in a company that stays completely anonymous? Will it stop some people from feeling confident enough to invest? And will it cause a ponzi to collapse faster?

These are all interesting questions that need to be asked when it comes to this new ponzi prelaunch called 3XCapital.

3XCapital are Up Front About Being Anonymous…

This is a pretty interesting strategy and I wonder if it will work. Maybe there enough experienced ponzi promoters out there to make it work. I have some doubts and I will tell you why.

For a ponzi to last a long time it needs to attract a lot of gullible newbies. These are the type of people who decide that the best strategy is not to withdraw and to just keep reinvesting their way to massive profits. They get completely sucked in and believe that the latest ponzi is actually legitimately doing crypto trading.

To you and I, this seems incredibly naive. That fact is that there is a seemingly unlimited supply of suckers, that will stay invested right up until the ponzi scheme collapses. They are then completely puzzled as to why they cannot get there money out. These types of people are a “Gold Mine” for any crypto ponzi because they make the ponzi last longer than would otherwise be the case. These people are very easy to pacify. You just need a paid actor to put his hand up and act like the CEO……then they are happy to go all in.

What happens if you have no CEO. My feeling is that the newbies will be very confused. They will probably be very suspicious. They really need that fake CEO to make them fell safe enough to invest. 

My prediction?

Having No CEO, will cause 3XCapital to collapse much faster.

Any way, lets take a closer look at what exactly this 3XCapital “opportunity” is all about.

3XCapital Review Summary

Key Figures :  Anon

Product Type : Crypto Ponzi MLM

Summary :  1.87 % daily until 300% is reached. Be aware that this cannot last forever because it is a ponzi. Minimum investment is $250, paid in BTC. Compensation pan has 3 levels, 8% – 4% – 3%

See The Compensation Plan Here

Rating:  It should be ok for about 6 months…so if you do join, make sure its early.

Verdict:  This should be ok for around 6 months. The problem is that there is no CEO to host events and webinars, which tends to keep everyone calm. For that reason I don’t think it can last longer.

Quick Summary

What Is 3XCapital

To put it briefly, you give 3XCapital some of your BTC. They claim to trade with it to generate high returns. They pay you back 300% on your investment. As with all ponzi schemes:

3XCapital Are Doing ZERO Trading At ALL

They just use the funds coming in to pay out existing investors. How long can they keep doing this? That is something that we have to guess. I think they will collapse around the 4-6 month mark.

Can You Still Make Money

Absolutely. These schemes are very lucrative and easy to get referrals for. You need to be aware that the people you sign up have a high chance of losing their funds when the scheme collapses.


A package costs $250 worth of bitcoin. You can buy as many packs as you wish. You will receive 1.87% daily on your total investment until you have received 300%. You can withdraw at any time….however their is a 5% withdrawal fee. If you withdraw no sooner than once weekly, the 5% Fee is waived.

Compensation Plan

Level 1 – 8%
Level 2 – 4%
Level 3 – 3%

What I Like About 3XCapital

Early Prelaunch

With ponzi schemes, you must know that time is running out. The sooner you get in, the more money you can safely make. With 3XCapital right now is very early so you should have a good 4 to 6 month run before it becomes difficult doing withdrawals. Eventually withdrawals will stop completely, so you want to make sure you are in positive ROI when that happens.

What I Dislike About 3XCapital

These scams cause a lot of problems as most people will actually lose money. Most people have no idea that this thing will only last 6 months or less. I don’t recommend that you get involved at all.

The Real Deal

I don’t like ponzis. Its not worth it.


This gets an F grade.

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