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Oneway Trading Review – Crypto Ponzi Scam From Brazil

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Welcome to my One Way Trading review. One Way is another one of these crypto ponzi scams that promises extremely high returns on one condition. The condition is that you send them your crypto. Some of you will be shocked that I am calling One Way Trading a ponzi scam, others will be already suspicious. Most investors seem to invest on blind faith, without doing any research prior. When you do some digging, it never takes long to discover that nearly all of these schemes are built on lies. Let’s start with the supposed location of One Way Trading. They claim to be located in Bahrain…..or “Bahrein” as it’s listed on the One Way website. The poor spelling is just one of many red flags that appear when I look into the claims of One Way Trading.


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Oneway Trading claim to be based in Bahrain. Let’s see if this claim is true!

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When we use Alexa to view the traffic profile of One Way Trading we discover that there is no web traffic from Bahrain. Instead we find that 75% of the traffic is coming from Brazil. Brazil is a country that seems to have a ponzi scam factory! There are so many scams coming out of Brazil that I can hardly keep up! Why would a crypto mlm business hide the fact that it is based in Brazil?

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Look I love Brazil and Brazillians in general, but the fact remains that they are one of the ponzi scam capitals of the world. The fact that One Way Trading is based in Brazil and trying to decieve investors should tell you one thing…One Way Trading is a ponzi scam!

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One Way Trading know that they will not be around for very long. In a few months they will stop paying the profits to investors and will disappear. If they can hide the location and identities of the owners, they will be able to remain free to start up a brand new scam.

One Way Trading Are Doing ZERO Actual Trading

These companies know that most investors are easy to fool. Usually they will just use a data feed from a crypto exchange to show some real trades. The trades that you will see are real trades, the problem is that they are not being done by One Way Trading. Using a simple programming script they will display the recent trades from an exchange whilst hiding any losing trades. Once the data is presented, they can show extremely profitable trades. It can be quite convincing, especially if you were to cross reference the trades with the exchange feed and see that they are real trades. So remember this, they are real trades, but not done by One Way Trading.

What is really going on is that the ROI is actually just the funds being paid in by the new investors. One Way Trading will just play this game of shuffling crypto around for a few months. Once they feel that they have peaked they will stop withdraws and disappear with all of the funds. If you fail to withdraw in the early period you will have lost everything.

Ok Its A Ponzi…How Long Will It Last?

Hopefully you are not living in denial and realize that One Way Trading will have a very short life before scamming everybody. There are several tricks that I use which help me predict when a crypto ponzi scam will collapse. Some last longer than others for good reason. A long lasting ponzi in 2019 would last for about 1 year or even slightly longer. However with One Way Trading I would predict that it will collapse around the 4 month mark. They do not have enough precautions which can reduce withdrawals. For example some ponzis require a minimum balance to be held at all times. This forces investors to always leave funds inside the scheme. One Way Trading lack any such precautions which means that savvy investors will be withdrawing all funds as soon as they can. The other issue is that there are investors are beginning to learn how to play the scam to their advantage. What they will do is invest a small amount but refer and promote heavily. They will withdraw their capital immediately from the referral commissions. Then they will compound the referral commissions for 2 to 3 months and then withdraw everything. By doing this you can make a very good profit most of the time.

After around the 4 month mark, most investors will be looking for a new ponzi scam so that they can repeat the process. This is why I predict the traffic going to the One Way Trading website to have a pattern like the following. If you see the flat line and you are still invested, it is probably too late for you to withdraw.

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Is It Worth The Risk?

Whilst it is true that you can make a lot of money from ponzi scams, most likely you will lose. What’s worse is that even if you “win” you don’t get away without and consequences. Any profits you take are not real profits as their are no real profits. It just means that you managed to take some money from the gullible investors who lost money. You also have to keep looking over your shoulder because some of your referrals are likely to have lost BIG. If you live in a country that actually is able to enforce laws you will also have to deal with the authorities when they catch up to you. If that is not bad enough, you will have forever destryoed your credibility online, which will greatly reduce your long term earning potential. All of the ponzi stooges on youtube are going to be in for a surprise because the days of ponzi scamming are coming to an end. 

Take the legit path and you will win the long term game with all of your credibility intact.

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One Way Trading Review – Summary

Key Figures: Anonymous Brazilian owner

Product Type: Crypto MLM Ponzi.

Summary: To earn you must invest at least $30. You get paid paid an extremely high ROI of up to 2.8% per day until you have earned 300%. 

One Way Trading is not a very smart ponzi. They will get a big run on withdrawals and have no built in policy to reduce withdrawal pressure right now they are attracting new investors so they will be ok for a little while. The moment that the traffic “flat lines” they will collapse.

See The Comp Plan Here.

This is a ponzi scam that will collapse very quickly.

Rating: F

Verdict: Another scam that will leave a trail of victims.

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Quick Navigation

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What Is One Way Trading?


One Way Trading are a pretty basic crypto ponzi scam from Brazil. The way it works is that you purchase an investment package for as little as $30 worth of crypto. Oneway Trading then pretends to do trading with your funds and will pay you pay 2.8% on your investment until it reaches 300%. Let’s check out the packages!

Investment Packages

Invest ROI Up to Term End
Bot 30 30 2.80% 300%
Bot 100 100 2.80% 300%
Bot 200 200 2.80% 300%
Bot 500 500 2.80% 300%
Bot 1000 1000 2.80% 300%
Bot 2000 2000 2.80% 300%
Bot 5000 5000 2.80% 300%
Bot 10000 10000 2.80% 300%
Bot 20000 20000 2.80% 300%
Bot 50000 50000 2.80% 300%


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Compensation Plan

Direct Referral Commissions

Affiliates earn 8% of money invested by referrals.

Binary Commissions

Earn 10% of the volume on your weakest leg.

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Ranks And Bonuses

Rank Volume Req Bonus Points Prize
R1 1K 1000
R2 3K 2000
R3 5K 5K
R4 100K 100K Mont Blanc Pen
R5 300K 300K Iphone
R6 500K 500K Rolex
R7 1Mil 1Mil Trip
R8 3Mil 3Mil BMW
R9 5 Mil 6 Mil Mercedes
R10 10 Mil 11 Mil Ferrari


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What I Dislike About One Way Trading

Another Crypto MLM

Everything is fake. The profits are just numbers on the screen. If you are lucky you can withdraw more than you put in, but really it’s just other peoples money. There are no profits. The other problem is the extremely short lifespan that One Way Trading will have. After a few months it will collapse and you will never get any money out if you haven’t already. It could even collapse tomorrow….how could you refer people into something like that?


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What I like about One Way Trading

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Traffic Is Going UP

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You still have time to make money with One Way Trading…but BE WARNED – It can collapse at any moment! More likely though it should stay around for at least 4 months. If you want to play the ponzi game, you might get lucky. You need to be OUT before the traffic flat lines!


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The Real Deal With One Way Trading

Can I be honest???………One Way Trading is garbage.

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Avoid this like Paris Hilton at a night club! I give it a F.


Julian Leahy

The Prelaunch Inspector

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How I Make A Living

I have developed a strategy using a legitimate affiliate program that allows me to hangout at home with the kids all day.

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