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Chatbots and Lead Funnels With Helen Tonetti

Helen Tonetti

We are primarily a lead generation agency so we work with customers that are looking to develop very targeted leads for their businesses so we build the funnels drive traffic to that funnel and then try and convert that that lead into an opportunity for the customer so then we use things like click funnels we primarily click funnel builders we support funnels in WordPress and then the third thing we do that we’re loving at the moment is we are chatbot creators so we create messaging marketing to help generate leads as well.

Integrating Chatbots for SAAS

We’ve got some kinds that are for instance in the software as a service business they often attend trade shows a lot of their business has done through something our trade shows so then we would have a quiz and what we’d use is that is the code so we just create the code someone can scan it with Facebook and then they can enter the quiz so that’s one way of doing it with them we do it with their website widgets and here’s buttons on their website and also then through through paid advertising so it depends on where the audiences that we we pick where we we promote it.


Choosing The Right Message For Chatbots

You need to be selective in the messages you send. Some people think it’s okay to just send you random messages and yeah you know spamming you and it’s like anybody who starts an email it’s the same thing you get people that are idiots and they try and ruin it for everybody else and and I’m really on a mission to try and get customers to really think about you know what would it be like if got messages like that.

Leadfunnels And Price Points

Let’s for instance say you wanted some leads for an event that you were doing and we would say to you well what does that look like what does the event look like who you trying to target and then we work with them to design a set of pages that would first of all get the person to engage with a page and give their details for something valuable so perhaps you know you might have trends for digital marketing in 2018 that you shouldn’t be missing out on and they download that report and once they downloaded that report they’d go to what we call a tripwire so it’s a low level offer and then on to the full offer so maybe they buy an entry ticket from you or $19 and then their Matt go on to buying a VIP ticket that includes you know networking and lunch with with the speakers or $200.

So what we’re trying to do with customers is is try and get them leads first of all and then use those use that opportunity once we’ve got to need to turn it into paying customers specifically takes someone on a journey.

Getting Traffic With Lead Magnets

One of the things that we do is help them with very valuable giveaway because that’s the first part we thought when we work with any customers it’s amazing it doesn’t matter how large or small the customer is and we deal across you know a large range of customers but it doesn’t seem to matter if they’ve got a marketing department or a small person who’s doing a market a bit of marketing for them they tend not to know who their customer is or they tend to be afraid to go after a particular customer so the first thing we often end up doing is is really breaking that down into who’s your customer and what do you want to sell them and then we have to break down what’s the main offer and we break it into what we call a lead magnet so something that’s going to be attractive.

It’s going to help people give you their details and you know we’ve all become a bit jaded about giving our details away you know so how do you get someone to engage and sometimes it might be that they don’t even give you their details they just watch a video and the video audience we then retarget with another ad watch the second part of the videos so there’s lots of ways but the way that we do it we’d grab it with traffic paid traffic we also do social a lot of organic social posting too so we train their teams how to share really valuable¬†content that drives back we we teach them how to put go to actions in blog posts if they build how to reach out the internet and get other people to share your content whether it be something like this going on other people’s broadcasts so we look at who’s the influencers in the market so there’s lots of ways that people can bring an audience into their funnel but you know it takes effort and money. we’ve got a


We have a content writer on our team who’s really good will be put three content writers. We put a sales content copywriter and then we’ve got content writers who would blog for clients.¬† I like to get clients to blog for themselves though we prefer to do has strategy with the client and say well this is what you should be blogging about and almost training them to blog because it’s very good if we can if we can get them to share their knowledge and initially people don’t like it they because it’s like everything if people say to me I don’t have the time I always think the reason you don’t have the time is because you don’t believe it’s going to have an outcome and and if you think your time is bad these things doing it then you won’t want to do it


Outcomes Data Is Crucial

We measure that constantly and I think that’s one of the things we’re about is analytics measuring everything.¬† So we can always say well what the incremental changes are in your marketing activity yes be able to show them something concrete at the end of it.


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