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1DayWorkWeek – What the heck is the One Day Work Week and should you join?


I have noticed a lot of pre-launch excitement around the new 1DayWorkWeek. I decided to join the pre-launch, just to find out whether I should join or not. Here is what I found out about the program.

Basically the 1Dayworkweek is another “out of the box” lead funnel system. Generally speaking, I am a big fan of similar programs because they usually are an essential tool for anyone working online. There are quite a few similar programs for example Power Lead System and My Lead System Pro, to name just a couple.

The reason these programs succeed is because they work. Lead funnels in all of their various forms are essential for anybody trying to make money online. A product that helps people make money is easy to sell usually!

The second aspect to the success of these programs usually comes down to the compensation plan. They offer residual income that keeps coming month after month. So much easier to build an income this way compared to one off affiliate sales. In addition to residual income, these offer big ticket commissions up around the $1000 mark for training upgrades.

The residual is like your “bread and butter” or base salary, the training upgrades really top of your earning well. These programs are among the most lucrative out there on the internet.



With One Day Work Week, the residual income comes from the monthly subscription products.

Starter – costs $50 to set up and $49.99 per month thereafter. Commissions for starter are up to $50 per sale and up to $20 per month residual.

Inner Circle – costs $50 to set up and $149.99 per month thereafter. Commissions for starter are up to $100 per sale and up to $100 per month residual.

Training Upgrade Commissions

The Funnel Lifestyle Upgrade –  offers up to $500 per sale and up to $20 or $100 per month residual.

The Traffic Kings Upgrade – offers up to $1000 per sale and up to $20 or $100 per month residual.

All In Upgrade – offers up to $1000 per sale and up to $20 or $100 per month residual.

The BIG Point of difference

One thing that I noticed with the 1dayworkweek is that members have access to a call centre that will call your leads and prompt them to read the emails and watch the training videos in the lead funnel itself. I believe that this will greatly improve conversions. The second aspect of the call centre access is closing sales. Apparently they will also call your list and attempt to secure signups for you. Obviously you would have to pay extra for this service, however I believe it would be a huge advantage for any affiliate.

My Concerns About 1DayWorkWeek

1DayWorkWeek is a brand new start up, so it remains to be seen whether they can actually deliver everything promised. This is a very big undertaking and a lot of start up companies fail. They look impressive, so maybe they will pull it off!

Personally I feel that it is a bit risky getting in so early with this company. I would hate to spend money and time promoting it, only to have it fail. The most proven long term program is Power Lead System which has been successfully paying affiliates for 8 years. In my opinion, this is a much safer bet!

I will watch the progress of 1dayworkweek with interest, however I don’t want to invest too much time until they can prove themselves.

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