Welcome to my Bitcoin Frontiers review. At first glance, I thought I was really going to bash this program. Usually Bitcoin and crypto programs are scams. There are tons of them out there and it’s very difficult to find legitimate ways to make money online. Some people say I bash everything but I really don’t see it that way. The truth is I keep digging until I found the truth. If I find no problems with a program, then I will gladly say so. That’s the case with Bitcoin Frontiers. I expected it to be a scam, but it is much better than I expected! By the way, I do not promote, nor I am I affiliated with Bitcoin Frontiers.

Bitcoin Frontiers Review – Summary

Product Name: Crypto Education with direct commissions and pass ups

Key Figures:  Franco Gonzalez, Clay Montgomery

Product Type: Crypto Education

Price: You join by purchasing “Bitcoin Adventurer” for $250. There is also a $100 annual fee. Paid in BTC.

You can upgrade optionally to the $1000 course.

You get paid 100% commissions so amounts of $250 and $1000

Bitcoin Frontiers have a powerline passup system. See the link for more details.

 See The Comp Plan Here

Summary: Crypto education is a legit product as there is alot of people needing it and wanting it. This has a great comp plan and commissions are paid direct to affiliates wallets.

Rating: B

Verdict: This is cool.

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What Is Bitcoin Frontiers?

Bitcoin Frontiers is a crypto based company with 100% commissions for affiliates. Their key offerings are a crypto educational services. Lets take a look at the products.


Yearly Subscription

When you join the “Bitcoin Adventurer” course you pay $100 also to be an affiliate. This $100 is yearly..

Bitcoin Adventurer (Costs $250)

  • Intro To Bitcoin
  • The Blockchain Explained
  • What Is Cryptocurrency
  • The Types Of Cryptocurrency
  • How To Start Investing and Trading Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency
  • Coinmama
  • Cointelegraph
  • Coindesk
  • Bitpay

Crypto Master (Costs $1000)

More advanced crypto material. You need to also have Bitcoin Adventurer.

Compensation Plan.


100% Commissions

It’s good when the affiliates are the ones making the majority of the money. In this program you get paid $250 or $1000 commissions depending on the course sold. Pretty cool right?

The Pass Up System

Until you hit 5 sales, you pass up every second sale to your sponsor. After that point you pass up 1 out of every 5. It seems pretty easy to make your money back and go into profit.

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What I Like About Bitcoin Frontiers

Franco Gonzalez Is LEGIT

I am not sure if Franco is a cofounder or just the course creator but what I do know is that Franco is very good. In a world of over hyped “gurus”, Franco simply leads with quality content. That’s the only legit way to succeed online. I have faith that the training will be top notch. Disclaimer – I know of Franco through his training for my favourite program, Power Lead System. You probably will say I am biased. That’s fine by me!

Building Bitcoin Without Scamming People

Most bitcoin programs are shady at best and illegal at worst. This is just Crypto education, which has real value. Best of all the cofounders don’t get there hands on most of the funds. Apart from the yearly $100 fee, everything else goes to the hard working affiliates.

Bitcoin Is Going Up Folks.

Imagine getting paid and have your commissions doubling in a few years. Bitcoin is WAY undervalued right now. Nothing will stop its rise. It’s very important to accumulate bitcoin for that reason and Bitcoin Frontiers will allow you to do that.


What I dislike about Bitcoin Frontiers

Is This An Unlicensed Security Offering?
Programs like this really should get licensed by the SEC. If the SEC wants to it could shut down Bitcoin Frontiers. Lets take a look at what the SEC considers to be a security.

In the USA, the determination of what constitutes a “security” is determined by the legal precedents set by the following case: SEC vs W.J. Howey Co.

The precedent set by this case established a widely used “rule” or “test” for determining whether or not an opportunity constitutes a security. This test is known as the “Howey Test”

According to the Howey Test, a transaction is an investment contract if:

– It is an investment of money
– There is an expectation of profits from the investment
– The investment of money is in a common enterprise
– Any profit comes from the efforts of a promoter or third party

So it looks like Bitcoin Frontiers would definately be an unlicensed security offering. In the next section, I will discuss whether I think that is a problem or not.

The Real Deal With Bitcoin Frontiers

Bitcoin Frontiers is a pretty solid Crypto program. Their is a slight risk with SEC compliance, however I will tell you why I don’t think its a big issue.

The SEC can barely keep up with shutting down the actuaI scams out there. There are just too many of them to be ever dealt with by the SEC.

With Bitcoin Frontiers the most you are investing is $350 or $1350. Even then you still get the educational courses even if you don’t promote. The SEC prioritize the “passive returns” programs. You know the ones that pay 1% per day. People get really caught up in those and mortgage their houses to invest. I just don’t think the SEC will bother with Bitcoin Frontiers.

At the very worst they could get a cease and desist, but I doubt it.


I really like this and give it a B. It would be higher if they were licensed with the SEC, but I wouldn’t worry about that too much

How I Make A Living

I have developed a strategy using a legitimate affiliate program that allows me to hangout at home with the kids all day.

Julian Leahy

The Prelaunch Inspector #theprelaunchinspector


  1. Steve

    I don’t see where they are trading any bitcoin? The product is the two training courses you buy with bitcoin…

    I cannot see where you get this idea they need to be licensed with the SEC. I am not part of this program yet but I am thinking about it which led me to your post.

    There are actual stores that sell their products and you can use bitcoin or some of the other coins that are out there when you buy their products and or services.

    So, I hope you can explain I would be curious how you see this is tied to the SEC as far as licensing goes.

    • Julian Leahy

      Steve they are not trading bitcoin. The problem is that the scheme could be considered a “security” or “investment contract” by the SEC. I doubt it would be a problem though as the SEC has worse things to worry about.

      For an EXCELLENT article on securities law and MLM programs, have of read of the link below.

      • Steve


  2. david wood

    the $350 bitcoin adventurer product is a con, you learn nothing you couldn’t find in 5 minutes on youtube, no information about making money at all, just basic info such as “what is bitcoin” and brief summaries on various bitcoin wallets etc. The sales video promises a lot of detailed information about making money with bitcoin, but you do not get any of that for $350, you need to pay $1000 more to access that. if you complain about not getting what you were promised, you get blocked and no refund. Be warned!!!!!!!!!

    In fact, the bitcoin adventurer product is not really a product at all, its just a placeholder to get you a spot in the scheme and try and make this not a ponzi type scam, its a non-product.

    In fact, 2 of the videos are exactly the same in the 8 short videos included in this non-course but with different titles, this has been pointed out to them, but they don’t care and have not bothered to change it as its not a real product anyway

    if anyone wants more information, I have screenshots from the videos and the backend of this scam to back up everything I say

    • Julian Leahy

      Hi David, Its a tough one with education products, but I felt that retail customers could use these products. I agree that the info is probably basic and you can get the same info on youtube for free, but I felt that this program was not a scam.
      I just look for 2 things, ponzi structure or pyramid structure.

      Bitcoin Frontiers did not appear to be a pyramid or ponzi. I understand that you didn’t like the products and wanted a refund and that definitely sucks, however I would stop short of calling it a scam.

  3. david wood

    well I think when the sales video promises specific and detailed information and that information is not included in the course you bought, that’s a scam.

    I have screenshots from the $350 bitcoin adventurer sales video detailing the promises, which include analyzing momentum indicators and other detailed trading information – this information, as you know, is not available in the $350 product even though it is explicitly promised in the sales video (again I have screenshots if you want to check it out). But when you ask why all the information promised is not available, you are told it will be added in the future – if you complain, you get blocked from the group and thats it.

    The owner is in fact well known for similar scams, his last one was 100% bitcoin commissions which was very similar and now dead


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