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Arego Life are a health and wellness MLM. They are currently in prelaunch.

Their flagship product is called Adapt X.1 which contains a patented product called Seroctin.

In this review of Arego Life, I will work out whether this product works and also whether Arego is a legitimate way to make money online. Hopefully the information presented will help you make a decision about Arego Life. I do not promote, nor I am I affiliated with Arego Life.

Arego Life Review – Summary

Product Name: Arego Life Adapt

Key Figure:  Jim Douville

Product Type: Health and Wellness MLM.

Price: $55, $110 or $165. Affiliates have a monthly autoship of 55PV. However they can make up this PV if they have enough (55pv) customer purchases, so it’s not necessarily a forced autoship.

Summary: Arego Life is a health & wellness supplement with an interesting product called Adapt. Adapt is a Serotonin modulating spray called which contains Seroctin. From all reports, Seroctin seems to have legitimate health benefits.

Affiliates earn 25% on sales. They also earn a percentage 10 levels down on indirects. 25% of direct sales goes into the bonus pool. Please see the compensation plan section for more details.

Rating: A-

Verdict: I was impressed to see that the active ingredient, Seroctin is patented. It also seems to have some scientific results backing it’s claimed effects. Quite a good program.

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What Is Arego Life?

Arego Life have a product called Adapt, which has an active ingredient called “Seroctin”. The Seroctin in Adapt is formulated from mono-cot grasses. This specific process and result is covered by 7 global patents. State of the art micronization processes reduce the size of the formula particles. This is said to allow the active ingredient to travel across cell walls.

This means that the Seroctin has a high bio-availability. Its available to the body as soon as it hits the blood stream. From there, it can influence the bodily release of serotinin and melatonin. The regulation of these hormones is integral to the management of anxiety, stress, mood swings and sleep cycles.

ADAPT X.1 naturally allows the body to balance it’s own serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter produced in the brain that helps determine many of the most important functions of the body.

  • Improved Sleep**
  • Mood Management**
  • Boost Immune Function
  • Brain Function
  • Improved Sexual Function
  • Skin Health
  • Relaxation
  • Fat Metabolism
  • Anti-Aging

Compensation Plan.

With Arego Life there are several ways to earn. However to qualify for commissions, an affiliate must maintain 55PV. The good news is that you may not need to purchase anything to achieve this. If you referred some customers who are purchasing 55PV per month, you will maintain your required PV without making purchases. That’s pretty achievable!

Commissions From Retail Sales (to customers)

An affiliate gets 25% directly. Another 25% of a customers first order goes into the New Customer Pool, only up to the first $110. If a customer continues to re-order, 25% of re-orders will go into a Customer Co-op Pool.

Commissions From Affiliate Sales (to distributors)

Once again you get 25% directly. However this time, 34% goes into a pool called, Marketing Partners Residual Commissions (MPRC).

When your distributor orders for a second month, 34% goes into the MPRC. 11% goes into Lifestyle Bonuses (LB). 5% goes into the Bonus Pool (BP).


10 Levels of MPRC Commissions

There is no qualification to receive this. As long as you have a customer purchasing 55PV you will recieve these commissions

Level 1 Pays 3%

Level 2 Pays 3%

Level 3 Pays 3%

Level 4 Pays 4%

Level 5 Pays 4%

Level 6 Pays 4%

Level 7 Pays 5%

Level 8 Pays 5%

Level 9 Pays 2%

Level 10 Pays 1%

New Customer Pool (NCP).

This pool rewards affiliates more if their customers purchase straight away.

Customer Purchase Time

0-2 Days

2-30 Days

30-60 Days

60 Days +

Number Of NCP Shares Earned





Working Out NCP Share Value.

(New Customer Order Amount/25%)/Number Of NCP Shares Earned

What I Like About Arego Life

This Product Is Backed By Science

I did some reading on the efficacy of Seroctin. It looks to me like it has genuine treatment effects. That is a huge plus, in my opinions. Some MLM’s are peddling snake oil, but not Arego.

Seroctin is PATENTED.

Just say another MLM wanted to access this product and copy what Aergo Life are doing. Well tough luck, they would need to get permission from patent holder Dr Don Coplin. Coplin has licensed the product to Arego, so there will be no copy cats. So you can be assured that if customers want to buy Seroctin they probably will keep buying it through Arego Life.

When They Say The Compensation Plan Is DIFFERENT, They Mean It.

I have watched thousands of comp plan videos and they always say, “There is nothing like this comp plan in the industry”. The problem is that there is hundreds of companies using the exact same plan.

Arego Life is different. Distributors get higher rewards for getting customers and affiliates to purchase early. Distributor’s are incentivized to have a more “hands on” and supportive relationship with their downline.

What I dislike about Arego Life

Treating Mental Issues Without Professionals

There is a growing trend where people will do anything to avoid seeing a health professional. If you have anxiety or mood problems, you really should see a Dr. I just hope that people with severe problems, don’t attempt to treat it with Adapt Seroctin.

The Real Deal With Arego Life

This is a very interesting network marketing program. I believe in the product. This program will last for a long time. I think this company could be big.

I give this a rating of A-


Looks Great!

How I Make A Living

I have developed a strategy using a legitimate affiliate program that allows me to hangout at home with the kids all day.

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